Freitag, 14. März 2014

Long time ago, toooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Sweeties,

well I had an Hacker on my PC and lost all my pis, some sites, had to make all passwords and accounts new if it was possible. I don´t have one single pic here on my own LapTop and if I´m honest, I´m afraid to get ripped again... I don´t know what exactley this was for a kind of hackingattack and I also can´t say all I think ornow about it here. 
This is not my Blog as it will stay!!! ;) I´ll work on  better design and pictures and so on, now I finally can start again.And than I have to see where to open a new website to sell m Vintage and other great clothes and Assecoires as I said in LOOKBOOK today about the "WinterAsiaDream-PrincessCoat" by Custo and the really rar blue heavy Vintage old Disco Pullover, Shirt with endless little pearls on strings like on a Sharlestondress but with the big shoulderpads sure a London 80s piece. And much much much much more for example the Gypsy sequin Vest you saw on a pic before.... I have sooooooo amazing, great and unique stuff for you I just finally have to start with it ;)

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