Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Hot Stuff

I thought I write a post about my favourite things the last month and post some pics here to show and describe you :) So lets go:

I really felt in love with making Scrapbooks do you already know? I think so... But for me it was really new I used to have normal, old, diarys ^^ But now I´m "Scrapbooking" all time and for the first try it´s the best to have some inspiration like this great collection of art pieces by K& Company they call it "Smashbooks" you can find them on amazon and everywhere else in the world wide web ;)

Next pics (above) show my new lovely leggings b T-Paris for example- the Alice in wonderland one is by them and the Star Wars leggings you can find if you google and on amazon, too. They fit perfect and ou always look fabolous!!!! <3

This little puppets/ hand-puppets are called "Little thinkers" and are really cute plush toys for adults who like to play. Here you can see William Shakespeare and andy Warhol and I just bought Sigmunt Freud ^^ Buy them on

And the last here is my favourite of the last half a year: A Fujifilm Mini Instax Polaroid camera to choose in this colors ( I bought blue cause I always buy pink and wanted to try something new :P ) I love it, it makes great little polaroid photos in creditcard-size and you can buy a lot of cool accesoires like frames or photobooks and more for it- believe me it´s better and more worth than an old one ( I wanted first too) but this is high quality and just so cute!!! And with around 70 euros not that expensive!!!! 
<3 <3 <3 <3 ;-* Julie

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