Montag, 10. Februar 2014

You have to live your change!!!!

 Artur made me the best Valentines/ Birthday present EVER!!! I dont know if it´s the most clever thing to write it here because my family should not know it at the moment and some other people either... Maybe you can imagine I just say her name is Jeanie ;) 

 Her owners before called her Gina, I didn´t really like the name but she is listening to it so I made Jeanie I think it is not that "BITCHY" ^^ Even if shes a bitch... :P Okay enough...
I have a lot to do at the moment but dont know where to start, today I started the most important things cause I have to...NOW.
I really don´t like to lie at my family all the time but I have to, they really don´t treat me like an adult but they expect ALL !!! 
I don´t like this behaviour cause I have to deal with all the shit they want me to but if I tell my mind they call me crazy, naive or infantil. Don´t know if I wrote it right in english, probaply not ^^ If I tell them that I want a life with a lot of travel and not to know what is in the future and don´t collect all money to save me for the future they just can´t understand and look at me like I´m an alien. But in my opinion this is life FOR ME (sure everyone has his own mind) as it should be, not ave, not sure, not planned, not easy or luxury. I just want to collect money to buy a bus and to build a bed etc... in it to travel the world and to work here and there just to have enough to eat, sometimes buy fashion or accesoires and to move on again. Does this sound THAT crazy???

 Well I think most would call it naive or childish but sure I know that the possibility to live on the street one day is present and that it could be all could be but this should be life or not? How can you call something desteny when you arrenged and planned it all on your own for the future? There are no adventures and if there are some they are not as much as they would if you´d only live I think. I´ll write you more later... phone rings, I HATE TO have a call :P

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